Tack-it Over & Over

Tack-it Over & Over

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4oz Bottle

Recommended for: appliques, sequins, ribbons, trims, fabrics, home decor & wearables.

Tack-it Glitter Applications: Mix equal parts of Tack-it to water and mix well. Apply mixture to your project and let dry until it's clear (it will still be tacky). Apply your Glitter (holographic fine) in a thin even layer. Slowly start to RUB your glitter in circular and sweeping motions until have done this over your entire project. This is laying the glitter completely flat and gives you a beautiful holographic colored effect. Try all different colors of glitter and find out which one is your favorite!

Photo is example of what the Tack-It Method looks like. 
Glitter used: 101 Grapefruit